We campaign for social and economic justice

We campaign for social and economic justice


Inequality of wealth and power is growing

Fewer than 62 people own more wealth than half the world’s population. We live in a deeply unjust world where many millions of people cannot access the resources they need because a small elite use them to generate incredible wealth and power for themselves. This takeover of resources by big business, including everything from food to healthcare, energy to water, has been facilitated by political elites. Our democracy is subverted, fuelling poverty, inequality and injustice.

Poverty and injustice remain most acute in the global south, but there are also deepening levels of poverty in ‘rich’ countries and a ‘1%’ in the global south too. 


Another world is possible

We are fighting for a world of economic and social justice, where resources and decisions about how they are used lie in the hands of the many, not the few. 

Alternatives are already being built: food sovereignty would allow producers and communities to control the sustainable production and distribution of good quality, healthy food. Energy justice would ensure energy is fairly distributed, democratically controlled, and generated in environmentally sound ways. Water, housing, healthcare and education should be managed to ensure fair distribution and democratic control. Trade can work for people and planet.

What we do

Achieving economic and social justice requires big changes in the world. Through our campaigns, we are building a movement to achieve that kind of change. These include opposing trade agreements such as the US-EU trade deal (TTIP) and the takeover of Africa’s food and farming by big business. To achieve these things we:

  • Amplify the voices of people fighting the corporate takeover of their resources around the world, and build support for the democratic alternatives they are creating
  • Forge a community for change here in Britain by helping to foster local activist groups, build alliances, organise events and educate people about the causes of injustice
  • Use our influence as UK citizens to change UK government policy and counter the power of big business

The aim of everything we do is to help ordinary people across the world reclaim power and make the big changes we need to achieve economic and social justice. 

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