Morten Thaysen


Former campaign and policy manager (corporates)


Morten worked at Global Justice Now until 2017, most recently as a campaigner focusing on corporate power. He is also a co-founder of activist group Lesbians and Gays Support the Migrants. He has an MA in Anthropology of Development from SOAS.

Latest posts

Byron just showed us what Theresa May’s “a country for everyone” really means

28 July 2016

Burger giant Byron has showed us exactly what Theresa May meant when she said she wants “a country that works for everyone“. On the morning of 4 July Byron Hamburgers called staff from several branches across their London restaurants to a training.

With an ever more powerful corporate lobby, how can we hope for any results from Paris?

“Two weeks to save the World in Paris”. “Paris is the moment of truth for our climate”. In the coming months leading up to the UN climate negotiations in Paris you’re likely to hear a lot more statements like these. But the negotiations are now so dominated by corporate interests that they are very unlikely to conclude in a deal that offers any solution for people are the climate.

Shutting down a coal mine on the road through Paris

The view is breath-taking and strangely beautiful as we reach the edge of the giant open cast coal mine. The surrounding landscape has turned from fertile cabbage fields to a gaping wound in the ground with no signs of life.

Are dogs and fences really the answer to the migrant "crisis"?

31 July 2015

Today David Cameron announced that additional security personnel, sniffer dogs and fences will be sent to Calais to stop “migrants” from entering the UK. He couldn’t be more wrong in his approach. We need to address the conditions forcing people to migrate, not build more fences and walls.

Why we shouldn’t let the fight against TTIP become a platform for UKIP

After yesterday’s unfortunate vote in favour of the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) in the European parliament, UKIP was quick to present itself as the forefront of the campaign against the dangerous EU-US trade deal.

We need aid for communities, not corporations

10 March 2015

Future UK governments will now be legally obliged to give at least 0.7% of our gross national income in aid. This is great news, but unfortunately an increasing amount of aid money is going to support privatisation and private profits. We must step up the fight to ensure that this money supports communities and not big business.