Liz Murray


Head of campaigns, Scotland


Liz Murray is head of campaigns and policy at Global Justice Now’s Scottish office. She works to strengthen Global Justice Now’s campaigns by adapting them to the Scottish context, lobbying Scottish MPs, and MSPs and working with Global Justice Now’s local groups in Scotland. Before Global Justice Now, Liz worked as a researcher at the Scottish Parliament and as a campaigner on environmental justice for Friends of the Earth Scotland. Liz previously worked as a campaigner on green economics and climate change for Greenpeace in the UK and in Australia and as a volunteer in Zimbabwe. Outside Global Justice Now, Liz is a board member of Scottish food sovereignty organisation Nourish Scotland and a keen community gardener.

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Latest posts

If we support fairtrade, then we must oppose unfair trade deals like CETA and TTIP

02 March 2016

Supporting fairtade is surely a no brainer - and I've yet to meet a politician who doesn't think it's a good thing.  But ignoring (or worse still supporting) mega trade deals TTIP and CETA could threaten decades of good work to ensure that fairtrade supports small-scale producers. 

How TTIP threatens to trade away Scotland's democratic powers – and how we’re determined to stop it

05 November 2015

The UK government, in its support for TTIP, is negotiating away Scotland's power to protect its natural heritage, its public services, the health of its people and more.  But as we are increasingly seeing, the people of Scotland are not ready to stand by and let them do it.

The land is ours

10 December 2014

This week the Scottish Land Action Movement launched and added itself to a growing global movement of activists, small-scale farmers, landless workers, indigenous communities and many others all working to shift control of land from the hands of the few to the hands of the many.

People power is the winner in the Scottish independence referendum

19 September 2014

The exceptional level of grassroots engagement and energy, and the huge turnout at the polls yesterday, is an all-too-rare example of people realising their power.  This is something to be celebrated and held on to.

Beyond Thursday's big vote

16 September 2014

As the big decision on Scottish independence draws close, thoughts are turning to what comes next - whatever the outcome. 

TTIP and the Scottish independence referendum

28 August 2014

Whatever the outcome of the independence referendum on 18 September, surely everyone in Scotland would like to see a Scotland able to exert control over its own policies through democratic processes. TTIP threatens this.