Liz Murray


Head of campaigns, Scotland


Liz Murray is head of campaigns and policy at Global Justice Now’s Scottish office. She works to strengthen Global Justice Now’s campaigns by adapting them to the Scottish context, lobbying Scottish MPs, and MSPs and working with Global Justice Now’s local groups in Scotland. Before Global Justice Now, Liz worked as a researcher at the Scottish Parliament and as a campaigner on environmental justice for Friends of the Earth Scotland. Liz previously worked as a campaigner on green economics and climate change for Greenpeace in the UK and in Australia and as a volunteer in Zimbabwe. Outside Global Justice Now, Liz is a board member of Scottish food sovereignty organisation Nourish Scotland and a keen community gardener.

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Latest posts

Time to step up our campaign to make sure Scotland’s voice is heard on trade deals

17 August 2017

Here in Scotland, it’s vital that our politicians understand that areas devolved to the Scottish parliament, such as environment, food safety, health and workers rights could be threatened by the UK government’s new trade deals. 

Busting the migration myths of the toxic tabloid headlines

19 June 2017

Today is world refugee day. Here in Scotland we'll be gathering in George Square in Glasgow for a symbolic action to show that refugees and migrants are welcome here. We're also calling out the UK tabloid press for the toxic myths they peddle on migration - and we've made a set of myth-busting infographics to illustrate just how far from reality the tabloid headlines really are.

Whose land? #OurLand

14 August 2016

Our new research exposes some of the super-rich, global capitalists who have bought into the outdated and undemocratic land ownership system here in Scotland with vast tracts of land - and shows why greater land reform is needed.

The worst of all worlds for Scotland on TTIP and CETA

24 March 2016

Successive Scottish governments have prided themselves on going beyond Westminster to protect public health, public services and the environment here in Scotland. Not only could these be threatened under TTIP and CETA, but the Scottish government would have to rely on Westminster to defend Scottish policies - but pay the price itself if it loses.

Is the Scottish National Party in touch with its membership on TTIP?

17 March 2016

I think the short answer to that question recently is no.  But if our fringe meeting at the SNP conference last weekend was anything to go by, then the SNP would have to be wilfully deaf not to hear the vociferous opposition to TTIP and CETA from its party members.

Crucial decision on Scottish land reform to take place in Holyrood tomorrow

15 March 2016

Tomorrow afternoon, members of the Scottish parliament will be voting through a new law that the Scottish government claims will bring about effective and radical land reform.  Except that as it stands, it lacks vital measures to make land ownership more transparent and to clamp down on the use of tax havens.