Kirsty Haigh

Kirsty Haigh, Global Justice Now


Activism and events officer, Scotland


Kirsty is the activism and events officer in Scotland. She also works part-time as the campaigns director for Jubilee Scotland  who campaign for  international debt justice. She was previously involved in the student movement and was an office holder for the National Union of Students in Scotland and Edinburgh University Students’ Association. Her main campaigning interest has been divestment from the fossil fuels and arms industries but her interests also include feminism, housing and wider environmental issues. 

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Latest posts

Public funding but private profits - how to fight the pharmaceutical industry on your campus

22 February 2018

Forbes - the American business magazine  - showed that the Pharmaceutical industry was the world's most profitable industry in 2016, with a massive 30% profit for pharmaceutical companies selling generic medicines during that year.

Budge ower* London - here are some Scottish events to inspire your year!

18 January 2018

Some upcoming events across Scotland to inspire you - including our very own spring activist gathering (*and for those of you down south, 'budge ower' is Scots for 'move over')

Building an international youth activist network at the ATTAC Summer University

30 August 2017

Last week I had the pleasure of joining other Global Justice Now staff and members at the ATTAC Summer University for social movements. This four day event brought together more than 2,000 people from across Europe to learn, debate, discuss and plan how we can build our movements and alternatives to the current political context.