Kevin Smith

Kevin Smith


Media manager


Kevin Smith is the former media manager at Global Justice Now. He joined in October 2014, after having spent 6 years at Platform overseeing their communications development and campaigning against oil sponsorship of the arts. He has been active on climate justice issues since the mobilisation at COP 6 summit in The Hague in 2000, and also spent time living in Spain on politically-engaged land based projects. In his spare time he obsesses about obscure disco records and hangs out with his cat.

Latest posts

Nine quotes of hope in the face of US election despair

09 November 2016

It’s been a pretty dreadful day. It’s dreadful in the abstract for those of us living outside of the US, much more concretely dreadful for those within the USA, and worst of all for the visible migrants, Mexicans, Muslims, queers, and people of colour who will now be facing a wave of enabled hatred and violence in the wake of Trump’s racist victory.

Why we projected #RefugeesWelcome on the white cliffs of Dover

01 April 2016

After having hosted adverts for David Beckham’s underpants, Carlsberg beer and Ninjago warriors, last night we wanted to project something more meaningful on to the white cliffs of Dover.

Amazing things have been happening at COP 21 despite the protest ban

11 December 2015

This morning the location and concept behind the much-talked about Red Lines action was announced.

The agribiz Borg tried to assimilate me at the COP 21 climate talks

Have you seen Star Trek: First Contact? It’s the one where everyone’s favourite space-faring bald badass Jean-Luc Picard is fighting against the cybernetic Borg, who invade the Enterprise, and begin to assimilate its crew and modify the ship, planning to use it to attack and conquer Earth.

Things I have learnt since being at the Paris climate talks

03 December 2015

It’s big, it’s dizzying and it’s inside an enormous aircraft hangar. Everyone seems to run around in a constant frenzy, people are dressed up as polar bears and penguins and handing out bars of carbon-neutral chocolate and big fancy industry booths from many different sectors are loudly proclaiming themselves to be THE solution to the world’s problems.

Local councils are starting to tear strips off TTIP

28 August 2015

Politicians in both Brussels and Westminster have taken great pains to try and brush off people’s many concerns about the toxic trade deal being pushed through by the EU and the USA.