Jane Herbstritt


Campaign officer, Scotland


Jane works with Liz and Blake in Global Justice Now’s office in Edinburgh, giving a Scottish perspective to Global Justice Now campaigns. She works with Global Justice Now's Scottish local groups, organises events and writes the Scottish newsletter and other publications.

Before working for Global Justice Now, Jane worked for Scottish Environment Link as a parliamentary officer, and for the Scottish Civic Forum. She also works at the Edinburgh Peace & Justice Centre.

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Latest posts

Halloween quiz: US trade deal - trick or treat?

29 October 2020

Dare to take our Halloween quiz to reveal the horrors that might lie beneath the UK government's trade deal with the US...

Stop Corporate Courts: The Virtual Edinburgh Tour

A tour of five local landmarks linking Edinburgh-based companies to the secretive corporate courts in trade deals

Happy Birthday Global Justice Now Scotland

17 December 2018

This winter, the Global Justice Now Scottish office celebrates its twentieth birthday. Time to look back at some of the highlights of the last two decades. 

Five reasons Sturgeon should stand up to Big Pharma

24 May 2018

The high price of breast cancer drug Perjeta means it is not currently available to patients in Scotland, but is available in England and Wales. How do we make sure essential medicines are affordable for everyone in the UK?

Hurricane Harvey: Shh don't mention the 'c' word!

How do we show solidarity with people who have lost their homes and worse after extreme weather exacaberated by climate change this summer? And how do we stand up to Trump and his climate-denying administration? In Scotland, a strong climate bill that takes the Paris climate accord commitments seriously, is a small way in which we can begin to challenge the neo-liberal vision of the current US President.

A teaser: TISA, Trump and the security industry

21 February 2017

Question: What’s the connection between US President Donald Trump, GEO group – the private prison operator that runs Dungavel immigration centre, and TISA, the super-privatisation global trade deal?