James O'Nions

James O’Nions


Head of activism


James heads up the activism team, which helps our network of local groups to campaign and organises our main public events. James has a background in anti-globalisation and anti-war activism and has previously worked at the Campaign Against Arms Trade. He was also an editor of Red Pepper magazine for five years.

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Latest posts

Thunder in Tunis - Day 1 of a World Social Forum Diary

26 March 2015

Thunder rumbled as we got off the tram at assembly point for the opening demonstration of the World Social Forum in Tunis. The skies, which had been drizzling  on and off all day, let out a full-on downpour. Before we even started marching we were soaked.

Seven reasons why we’ve just changed our name

15 January 2015

Today the World Development Movement has become Global Justice Now. An organisation which has been around for 45 years doesn’t change its name lightly – so why have we done it?

WDM activists learn from European struggles

We’re now in the third full day of the European Summer University for Social Movements organised by the European Attac network. WDM activists have been learning about struggles across Europe against austerity, climate change and corporate power, and getting involved in planning co-ordinated European campaigning too.

Joining a major social justice gathering in Paris this summer

On 12 July, WDM will be part of a day of action against the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP). This proposed agreement, between the US and the EU, is more accurately described as a corporate power grab by big business on both sides of the Atlantic.