Guy Taylor

Guy Taylor


Campaign & Activism manager


Guy joined Global Justice Now in November 2014 to focus on the campaign against TTIP. He previously worked for the Joint Council for the Welfare of Immigrants and before that for anti-capitalist group Globalise Resistance. He has been tear gassed in nine different countries, has uncovered a police spy and discovered his name on the construction workers' blacklist. He lives with his partner and two young sons in a housing coop in SE London.

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Latest posts

Trade committee ignores two million people on TTIP

Today the INTA committee met to decide what opinion should be placed before the plenary session of the European parliament regarding the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP), including the status of investor protection (ISDS).

Cleansing the souls of the international arbitration industry

“It’s alright, sarge, they’re just about to exorcise the building” mutters a policeman over his walkie-talkie.

US: trade deals and resistance

29 April 2015

Ask people on the streets in the USA about TTIP and they are less likely to know what you’re talking about than if you ask the same in the UK. Certainly the secrecy around the deal in the States is even more intense than in the UK, and the media is complicit with a similarly business-pages-only coverage afforded to the negotiations. There’s another dimension: that of NAFTA and TPP.

Tackling trade in the Fast Track - a report from the USA

22 April 2015

I'm in the USA for the next round of the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) negotiations in New York, and it's certainly a busy week for trade policy.

Will Labour MEPs back up their words on TTIP with action?

05 March 2015

Labour Party MEPs are claiming victory over pulling the Socialist and Democrats group in the European Parliament to a “very strong position paper on Investor-State Dispute Settlement (ISDS), opposing the inclusion of the controversial mechanism in trade deals with both the US (TTIP) and Canada (CETA).” We should, however, be wary about rushing to congratulate them on a fantastic victory.

An invitation to take the #noTTIP Train to Brussels

05 December 2014

We’re block booking seats on Eurostar, arranging accommodation, a walking tour of the corporate and lobbying villains of Brussels, a protest at the European Parliament and a chance for you to meet your MEP and tell them direct your feelings about TTIP.