Guy Taylor

Guy Taylor


Campaign & Activism manager


Guy joined Global Justice Now in November 2014 to focus on the campaign against TTIP. He previously worked for the Joint Council for the Welfare of Immigrants and before that for anti-capitalist group Globalise Resistance. He has been tear gassed in nine different countries, has uncovered a police spy and discovered his name on the construction workers' blacklist. He lives with his partner and two young sons in a housing coop in SE London.

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Latest posts

Trans-Canada sue US government for $15 billion over tar sands pipeline cancellation

07 January 2016

In a dramatic example of the powers assumed by the corporate world through trade deals, energy infrastructure corporation TransCanada commenced legal actions yesterday against the US president for cancelling the Keystone XL Pipeline project.

Australia has defended itself against Big Tobacco this time - but no one is safe with ISDS

21 December 2015

One of the more infamous examples of corporations suing governments was resolved, at least in the short term, last week. The Australian government has successfully defended itself against an Investor State Dispute Settlement (ISDS) case brought by Philip Morris, the US cigarette manufacturer. The case was brought against the government for introducing the Tobacco Plain Packaging Act in 2011.

How not to reach a compromise on corporate courts

18 September 2015

CecIlia Malmström, Europe’s trade commissioner, gave a powerful demonstration of how not to reach a compromise this week.

After a relentless campaign from millions of Europeans against TTIP, CETA and their provision for investor protection, Ms Malmström and her assistants drew up what she hoped would be the end to the complaints. It achieved nothing of the sort.

Let's not do the "good migrants/bad migrants" thing

28 August 2015

In the debate about immigration, there is a tendency amongst progressives and liberals to try to protect the reputation of refugees at the expense of (economic) migrants.

Disappointment reigns as ISDS-lite gets the nod in Strasbourg

08 July 2015

Our representatives in Europe rejected a great chance to deal a body blow to TTIP today.

What we've learnt about the TiSA leaks so far

04 June 2015

Across the world there is outrage at what is being decided in secret on our behalves. A huge leak of documents, marked with the opinions and edits of negotiators from many different countries, from the TiSA (Trade in Services Agreement) has appeared on Wikileaks.