Gill Davies

Gill Davies


Gill is an activist who volunteers at the Global Justice Now office in Edinburgh.  She has a background in international law, climate change and renewables.  She spent the best part of a year meandering about Asia on a bicycle and is now working on fossil fuel divestment and TTIP. 

Latest posts

Is COP21 a con?

22 September 2015

Given past experience of UN climate talks, it's unrealistic to expect the talks in Paris this December to deliver what's needed to stop runaway climate change. But that needn't stop us asking some searching questions about what we need to do here in the UK to make a difference.

TTIP: A constitutional crisis?

09 June 2015

The Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) is a treaty which is being negotiated between the EU and USA.  We believe it will give corporations power over our democratically determined food standards, environmental safeguards, workers rights and public services.  It is also a corporate power grab which shatters our constitution safeguards.