Erica Bradley-Young


Member of Global Justice Glasgow local group


Erica is a member of Global Justice Glasgow local group, and a legal adviser and political activist with a particular interest in economic and social justice. She graduated from Strathclyde University with a law degree; inspired by personal experiences she moved on to complete a Masters degree in Nutrition in England. She worked developing nutritional products and health consultations, but became disillusioned with the consumer rather than health focus of the industry. She returned to Scotland, where she has been working as a legal advisor and representative with her local Citizens Advice Bureau in areas such as housing and welfare rights. She is passionate about politics and has stood as a candidate at local elections and at the most recent general election. In her spare time she likes to write and she loves to read a wide range of books; especially books on history, philosophy and science fiction.

Latest posts

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Global Justice Glasgow group member Erica Bradley-Young shares her thoughts on the geopolitics of the huge new trading bloc: the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership. 

Scotland: Good Food Nation or Fast Food Nation?


The politics of food is maturing in Scotland, with progressive proposals for a 'right to food' and for Scotland to become a 'good food nation'. But the UK government's plans for a post Brexit internal market across the four nations of the UK, plus a trade deal with the US, could threaten these positive moves towards healthy, sustainably produced food.