Elias Cudjoe-Pontara


Member of Our Future Now


Elias is a member of Our Future Now. He recently completed his MSc in International politics from SOAS. His research focusses on the legacy and present of colonialism in Latin America and the Caribbean, the rise of the extreme right in the Global North, the origins of hip-hop, and the Egyptian revolution of 2011.

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Who has the right to be free? Thoughts from Freedom of Movement 2.0

09 March 2020

On Saturday 15 February, Global Justice Now and their London youth group Our Future Now, hosted Freedom of Movement 2.0, ‘a day of workshops, panel discussions, poetry and live music from migrant led activist groups, creative collectives and bands’. Speakers included Maya Goodfellow, author of ‘Hostile Environment’, scholar Bridget Anderson and Dalia Gebrial from Novara Media.