Effie Jordan


Campaigns officer


Effie is a campaigns officer at Global Justice Now, having first come across the organisation (many years ago) when she was in the throes of moving abroad to work on programmes to combat poverty in Africa. Global Justice Now made her realise to her horror that much of the poverty there existed due to UK international policies. Effie then traded a life in the sunshine for life in the inner city and initially volunteered at Global Justice Now before moving into her current role. Effie has a Master's degree in Development. and is still learning about parenting as the mother of three grown up children. She has also campaigned with the Women’s Environmental Network and on various education issues.

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Latest posts

The history of International Workers' Day

01 May 2020
This year as Covid-19 crosses our borders and we celebrate key workers in the UK and around the world, we must remember the history of May Day and continue to fight in solidarity for workers’ rights everywhere.

Black History Month series: How can we learn lessons when we only hear a fraction of the story?

29 October 2019

This Black History Month we're focusing on black-led movements and resistance throughout history. How have they shaped our understanding of politics and activism, how do they continue to inspire social movements and activists today? From the Black Jacobins to Black Lives Matter there is a thread of rebellious connection that, as a movement, we must learn from. We must learn the histories that were never taught to us in school, learn about the reality of our own histories and truly understand what solidarity looks like, not just this month but everyday.

This blog is third and final installment on our series this month. Effie Jordan writes about how our movements can learn from the history and impact of 'othering' which is rooted in European imperialism.

5 reasons to be worried about the new Trade Bill

We are calling on the UK government to include five guarantees in the Trade Bill that would make the trade process democratic and accountable to the public.

Phulbari day of action

A group of Bangladeshi activists contacted Global Justice Now in 2008 to stand with them in their struggle against plans for a UK backed mine that was to built in Phulbari, Bangladesh.  If the proposal for the mine went ahead it would displace 130,000 people, contaminate the water supply of hundreds of thousands and destroyed fertile land.

Afrikan Emancipation Day Reparations March

02 August 2016

Hundreds of people took part in the third annual Afrikan Emancipation Day Reparations March yesterday as part of a campaign calling for the UK to make amends for the enslavement endured by generations of African people.

The third annual Afrikan Emancipation Day Reparations March took place from Brixton to Parliament Square calling for reparations to be made for slavery.

Solidarity with the Bashkhali coal-plant protesters in Bangladesh

Global Justice Now would like to stand in solidarity with, and send condolences to, the activists protesting against the planned construction of two China-backed coal-fired power stations in Gandamara, Bangladesh.