Diêgo Lôbo


Diêgo Lôbo is a human rights activist in Rio de Janeiro.

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Brazil: If he threatens my existence, I'll be resistance

30 October 2018

As I start drafting this article, we’re 30 minutes away from the moment we’ve been so anxiously waiting, when the results of the tensest Brazilian presidential election in my lifetime will be released.

Five things I learned from the Reclaim the Power Didcot Camp

Last week, I took part of the Reclaim the Power Camp, in Didcot Oxfordshire. What may be erroneously depicted as a bunch of hippies’ gathering, was in fact a powerful moment to network, learn new skills, and strengthen the climate justice movement.

Reclaim the Power: join the camp for energy democracy

It doesn’t come as a surprise that whilst support for renewable energy is being cut, government subsidies to the fossil fuel industry remain steady.