Chris Walker

Chris Walker


Former campaigns and policy officer


Chris works for Organiclea Community Growers, part of the Landworkers' Alliance. He used to be the campaigns and policy officer working on Global Justice Now’s food and climate campaigns. And he has previously worked for Quakers in Britain on their Sustainability & Peace programme.

Latest posts

Morrisons' Milk For Farmers is PR rather than a fair deal for farmers

13 August 2015

On Sunday, shoppers in Stafford’s Asda store were in for a shock. Seventy farmers marched through the store accompanied by two cows to hold a rally in the dairy aisle. They were there to protest that the milk they produce is being sold for less than a bottle of water by supermarkets.

Debt and despair: how small-scale farmers feel the impact of so-called "responsible investment"

18 June 2015

Revealed: how farmers displaced by a new project in Tanzania complain of receiving inadequate compensation, leaving many in despair.

Ghana’s Monsanto seed law faces set back

27 November 2014

When Ghana’s government embarked on passing a set of new seed policies into law last year, they were probably hoping to do so quietly. After all, they knew that if the Plant Breeders’ Bill came to the attention of the country’s farmers there would be mass opposition.

Climate-smart corporate farming. What’s not to like?

23 September 2014

Today, governments and businesses will gather in New York to launch a new climate initiative; The Global Alliance for Climate-Smart Agriculture (GACSA). But look a little deeper into GACSA’s strategy and who’s signed up to it, and things look a little less smart.

Coca-Cola's investment in Africa is not about solving hunger

06 August 2014

Yesterday, Coca Cola announced it would expand its business activities in Africa. The corporate giant announced it will increase investments in Africa by $5 billion over the next 6 years, bringing the total to $17 billion by 2020. Coca Cola is part of the latest wave of corporations moving in to Africa to secure markets, land, resources and labour which promise vast corporate profits.