Alo Lemou


General secretary, ATTAC-Togo


Born in Tchifama, Togo in 1990, Alo LEMOU studied Political Philosophy and also Communication. He entered journalism in 2015 at, before winning a climate journalism training scholarship with Climate Tracker in Germany in 2017. Alo has also been working in the marketing of several media in Togo since 2016 and currently with the sales team if a press agency covering economic news across Africa. He is also editor-in-chief of MyAfricaInfos, and General Secretary of ATTAC-Togo which works for socio-environmental justice and the taxation of financial transactions. It is the Togolese section of the international alter-globalization network of ATTAC.

Latest posts

Covid-19: the spectre of an Africa unprepared for health crises

31 March 2020

On March 29, 2020, African Center for Disease Control (CDC) had reported a total of 4,282 cases, 134 deaths, and 302 recoveries from Covid-19. 46 out of 54 countries have been affected since the first case reported on the continent in Egypt on February 15. Africa is almost closed by Covid-19 and the situation is almost similar to the first month of invasion of the pandemic in Europe.