Aisha Dodwell

Aisha Dodwell


Former campaigns and policy manager


Aisha Dodwell worked at Global Justice Now between 2015 and 2018. She worked on policy and campaign strategy across a number of topics including food sovereignty, aid policy, migration and corporate power. Aisha previously worked with the international humanitarian organisation Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) managing their policy and public engagement work in the UK. She also spent four years as a part-time lecturer at Kingston University, teaching undergraduate courses in global politics and human rights. Aisha holds an MSc in Population and Development, a B.A. in International Studies and a PGDip in Gender and Sexuality.

Latest posts

EU votes to rein in ‘probably carcinogenic’ glyphosate - but not an outright ban

13 April 2016

Monsanto has suffered a blow today as the European Parliament has called for heavy restrictions on the use of glyphosate, one of their most lucrative chemicals, and the key ingredient in their flagship Roundup herbicide.

The Privatisation of UK aid: How the UK’s growing aid budget has become a lucrative business

11 April 2016

It’s never been a better time to be an aid-funded business. Alongside the UK’s now legally enshrined commitment to spend 0.7% of its national income on aid, a growing trend has emerged where an ever-increasing amount of that budget is spent through private companies. DfID spends some £1.4 billion through private contractors annually, with most of it going to just 11 suppliers.

UK development consultants are protesting to get MORE aid money

01 April 2016

Development consultants already get a pretty big chunk of the UK’s aid budget, so it was surprising to see them in Westminster protesting that they weren’t being paid enough.

A bad day for Monsanto and a good day for public health, as weedkiller decision gets postponed

08 March 2016

A battle of corporate profit vs people’s needs has been fought out at the European Union over the past two days as heated negotiations took place about the re-licencing of a chemical that probably causes cancer in humans. It just so happens that this very same chemical makes millions in profit for the giant chemical and seed company Monsanto.

Who's telling the truth about the New Alliance and farmers in African countries?

15 January 2016

You’d think they’d have got the message by now, but alas no. As we enter the fourth year since the launch of the controversial New Alliance project, it continues in the face of scathing criticism and condemnation from civil society.

Tanzanian farmers lead the way

06 January 2016

The message from farmers groups in Tanzania is clear. They don’t want an agricultural system that is dominated by large multinational companies, they don’t want to be dependent on purchasing synthetic fertiliser, pesticides and herbicides, and they certainly don’t want a commercialised seed system that sees them being forced in to purchasing new seeds every season.