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It's #WorldBookDay. So here are 10 great books about global justice

05 March 2020

Here are 10 great books about global justice

International Women's Day: Six stories of women who've defended the environment and resisted corporate power

04 March 2020

This International Women's Day we're taking time to learn about some of the women who've been at the forefront of radical movements around the world.

From Serena Williams to women fighting dictatorship, here are the badass women who inspire us

03 March 2020

This International Women's Day we asked the badass women at Global Justice Now to write a little something about the women who inspire them. From tennis players to actors and activists, here are the badass women who we love. 

Happy International Women's day!

Our cultural picks of the month

14 March 2019

Things to read, listen to and watch. Here are some cultural picks put together by people at Global Justice Now. 

What was your cultural highlight of 2017? Our top picks

22 December 2017

Here's Global Justice Now's round up of our favourite cultural highlights from books to festivals this year. 

Election 2017: Will your candidates support global justice?

What kind of world do you want to live in? That’s what the next five weeks are about if you cut through the media circus. Because between now and 2022, the next set of MPs will make decisions with big consequences on everything from Brexit to climate change, affecting people here and around the world.