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House of Lords

Tell the House of Lords to vote for trade democracy

The Trade Bill is soon going through the House of Lords. Ask them to vote for trade democracy.

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Hostile Environment

Call time on the hostile environment

Email the Home Secretary and tell him to put an end to this horrible policy for good.

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MPs not border guards

MPs not border guards

Every year, MPs are turning over hundreds of constituents to immigration officials. In a democratic society, this is an unacceptable practice. Ask your MP to sign the pledge ‘MPs not border guards’.

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Joi the fight for affordable medicines

Join the fight for affordable medicines

Publicly funded research for drugs should benefit all. Urge your MP to call for medicines to be accessible and affordable

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Pledge to boycott the Daily Mail

Pledge to boycott the Daily Mail

Take the pledge now and stand up against the divisive media narrative in the Daily Mail.

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