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The hostile environment for immigrants

February 2018

How Theresa May has created an underclass in the UK

The Migrants’ Rights Network, Global Justice Now and No Borders in Banks condemn the Home Office’s introduction of immigration checks on bank current account holders, which came into effect today.


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6 ways to mark Windrush Day and challenge the racist hostile environment

Today is Windrush Day, marking the day 72 years ago when the Empire Windrush ship arrived at Tilbury Docks and gave its name to a generation of migrants from the Caribbean. It’s a day of celebration – but also necessarily a day of confronting injustice. Here's a reminder of why and how we can re-commit to demanding justice for the Windrush generation and demanding an end to the hostile environment for migrants, once and for all. 

Who has the right to be free? Thoughts from Freedom of Movement 2.0

09 March 2020

On Saturday 15 February, Global Justice Now and their London youth group Our Future Now, hosted Freedom of Movement 2.0, ‘a day of workshops, panel discussions, poetry and live music from migrant led activist groups, creative collectives and bands’. Speakers included Maya Goodfellow, author of ‘Hostile Environment’, scholar Bridget Anderson and Dalia Gebrial from Novara Media.

If the racist Right to Rent initiative is scrapped, could it be the end for the hostile environment?

10 January 2020

On Tuesday 14 January the government is appealing the court ruling which called to scrap or change the discriminatory Right to Rent initiative. If they lose, it could be the beginning of the end of the hostile environment.

Health is a human right. So why is the NHS turning migrants away?

22 October 2019

The founding principles of the NHS are slowly being diluted, eroded and privatised. Since 2017, NHS trusts have been obliged by the government to charge refused asylum seekers and irregular migrants upfront for secondary care services.

5 things you can do to fight back against the hostile environment

27 April 2018

The recent scandal around the Windrush generation has exposed the true extent of the inhumanity underpinning the government’s immigration policy. Under the government’s Hostile Environment policy, people living here a lifetime have been harassed, sacked, arrested and even deported. But as well as demanding justice for the Windrush generation, we need to go further. Here are some steps you can take to do so.

Colonialism, borders and justice should be in our conversation about migration

In opposing the hostile environment for immigrants, we must link the root causes of poverty and inequality around the world with the rise of migration. The failure to understand and communicate the role of neoliberalism in causing the collapse of working and living conditions in countries of the North has driven anti-migrant sentiments.


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The hostile environment for immigrants

February 2018

How Theresa May has created an underclass in the UK

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Our response to the publication of the government’s immigration white paper.

15 leading organisations working with migrants have today written to the Speaker of the House of Commons, John Bercow, to express deep concern over hundreds of cases of MPs reporting their constituents to the Home Office for immigration crime.

Migrant solidarity campaigners this morning blocked the entrance to the Home Office in Westminster to demand the government puts a stop to its hostile environment policy towards immigrants, following the resignation of Home Secretary Amber Rudd.