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Joking for Justice - comedy night in photos

02 November 2012

Last night was WDM's third Joking for Justice comedy benefit gig.

Growing the movement in Scotland: a skill share event

02 November 2012

I’ve taken part in and supported social justice and environmental campaigns intermittently since earliest University, and their issues have been the subject of many a blogpost.  That said, I don’t consider myself an experienced campaigner.

Marching against austerity

23 October 2012

Last Saturday, over 100,000 people marched through the streets of London for the TUC march: A future that works. They were calling for an end to the austerity that is being forced upon this country by the ConDem government. WDM staff and group members were there to show our opposition to cuts which see the most hard-up in our society pay the price for a banking collapse for which they are not blame.

Victory for land reform campaigners

16 October 2012

On 3 October, 60,000 people from India’s poor and tribal communities embarked on Jan Satyagraha (“March for Justice”), a 350 km month-long march from Gwalior in the north of the country to the national capital Dehli to press their demands for their rights to land, forest, water and natural resources for food supply. Last week, on 11 October, in response to the protest the government decided to introduce significant land reform policy change and in light of this victory the march was called off.

Making a movement: from Scotland to Azerbaijan

12 October 2012

What’s it like to campaign in Azerbaijan?  How does it link with the campaigning we’re doing here in Scotland?  Find out at the WDM skill share event in October

Scotland needs to get its climate act together

10 October 2012

The mass lobby of parliament and twitter storm later this month should remind politicians of their duty to meet Scotland's climate change targets.

I recommend Mauritius…

07 September 2012

… No, not for its white sandy beaches and clear blue water, but for stashing millions in its growing offshore sector.

Latest update for groups and activists now online

31 August 2012

WDM's latest update for groups and activists - Think Global - is now available online.

Vedanta: clean up your mess

31 August 2012

On Tuesday 28 August, WDM volunteers Farha and Isabel attended a demonstration targeting the Vedanta Resources AGM. Here they report back on the protest.

Animated earth concert tour

21 August 2012

Guest blog by Jess Gold

Can songs about sustainability make a sustainable difference?


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Reclaim the Power!

Fracking is just one example of how the corporate grip on power is getting stronger in the UK. Therefore the World Development Movement will be at Reclaim the Power camp in Blackpool this weekend to resist fracking and to link up with other movements against the corporate power grab.

Activist August

13 August 2014

This August the World Development Movement will be going to Reclaim the Power in Blackpool and the Attac’s European Summer University in Paris to link up with activists from across the UK and Europe fighting against the corporate takeover of our democracy, our energy, and our food.

The Colombian mining locomotive: in whose benefit?

13 June 2014

The day I arrived in Colombia was the day of the first round of the country’s presidential elections. Across the country, a little more than a third of the people voted. None of the candidates reached the required 50 per cent of the total vote, meaning that another round of voting is due to take place this weekend, with voters choosing between the top two candidates. Colombian people I have spoken to have said there is little between the candidates, and that most people do not feel represented by any of the parties standing.

Interview: Scotland’s place in building a just world

30 May 2014

Hear from two prominent Scottish politicians on their vision for the future of Scotland as Scottish people prepare to vote in the independence referendum

SOAS needs stop outsourcing workers and making profits for Goldman Sachs

02 May 2014

Humanity cannot afford the greed of Goldman Sachs. Steve Rushton from reveals how the investment bank reaps profit on exploiting London cleaners and speculating on food.

Barclays, stop bankrolling coal!

24 April 2014

This morning a few of my colleagues and I went to protest against Barclays at its AGM. Since 2005 Barclays has invested more than £3.1 billion in dirty coal projects that are destroying the environment and propelling climate change.


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This Monday WDM campaigners came to the office with big smiles on their faces. Over the weekend, we’d heard that French Oil giant Total, subject to one of our latest online actions, had apparently cancelled its plans to mine tar sands in Madagascar.

High fives all around. Or?