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Santas deliver pile of coal to HSBC

17 December 2013

Today 25 "climate justice Santas" delivered a tonne of coal to HSBC in Moorgate - which reacted by shutting its doors.

The low down

03 December 2013

The WTO has languished for 12 years, unable to push forward its agenda of trade liberalisation in the face of opposition from Southern governments and global organising by social movements, trade unions and campaign groups.

18th anniversary of Ken Saro-Wiwa and the Ogoni 9’s execution

26 November 2013


A guest blog from Platform's Sarah Shoraka.

Nature for sale

22 November 2013

Nature is up for sale! If you’re quick you might just get a good price on a piece of Scottish wilderness, as the World Development has listed Loch Ness for sale on the auction site eBay. We also tried to sell Ben Nevis, but for some reason eBay removed the listing. If you miss the auction, not to worry, just head down to the World Forum on Natural Capital taking place this week in Edinburgh. At this UN-hosted conference, governments, corporations and some conservationists are continuing their discussions on putting a price on nature.

Dodgy deals with nature

21 November 2013

As the World Forum on Natural Capital started this morning in Edinburgh, three rather dodgy looking salespeople turned up with their battered suitcase, offering to do a deal on Scottish natural landmarks.

Stop the Great Nature Sale

21 November 2013

During the next 2 days, the UN is hosting an international conference in Edinburgh to put a price on nature. Join our twitterstorm.

Live from the World Forum on Natural Capital

21 November 2013

Live coverage from the World Forum on Natural Capital in Edinburgh

Climate science explained - in just four minutes

13 November 2013

To coincide with the UN climate talks in Warsaw, New Internationalist has teamed up with carbon footprint analyst, writer, and performance poet Danny Chivers and film-maker Richard Roaf to create a series of short, lively videos

Investment agreements or vulture’s charters?

31 October 2013

The biggest shareholder in Royal Mail is now a multi-billion pound hedge fund known as The Children’s Investment Fund (TCI). Sounds nice, but TCI is actually an aggressive ‘investor’ which took India to court for trying to put India’s economic development ahead of TCI’s profits. 

WDM tell HSBC: stop funding coal

22 October 2013

This morning, as part of a global day of action against coal, we went up to HSBC’s head office in Canary Wharf to tell them to stop pouring ordinary people’s money into coal projects around the world. Having set up an extraction site outside the bank, we then went to deliver money bags full of coal – as this is what ordinary people’s money becomes in the hands of HSBC. 


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Reclaim the Power!

Fracking is just one example of how the corporate grip on power is getting stronger in the UK. Therefore the World Development Movement will be at Reclaim the Power camp in Blackpool this weekend to resist fracking and to link up with other movements against the corporate power grab.

Activist August

13 August 2014

This August the World Development Movement will be going to Reclaim the Power in Blackpool and the Attac’s European Summer University in Paris to link up with activists from across the UK and Europe fighting against the corporate takeover of our democracy, our energy, and our food.

The Colombian mining locomotive: in whose benefit?

13 June 2014

The day I arrived in Colombia was the day of the first round of the country’s presidential elections. Across the country, a little more than a third of the people voted. None of the candidates reached the required 50 per cent of the total vote, meaning that another round of voting is due to take place this weekend, with voters choosing between the top two candidates. Colombian people I have spoken to have said there is little between the candidates, and that most people do not feel represented by any of the parties standing.

Interview: Scotland’s place in building a just world

30 May 2014

Hear from two prominent Scottish politicians on their vision for the future of Scotland as Scottish people prepare to vote in the independence referendum

SOAS needs stop outsourcing workers and making profits for Goldman Sachs

02 May 2014

Humanity cannot afford the greed of Goldman Sachs. Steve Rushton from reveals how the investment bank reaps profit on exploiting London cleaners and speculating on food.

Barclays, stop bankrolling coal!

24 April 2014

This morning a few of my colleagues and I went to protest against Barclays at its AGM. Since 2005 Barclays has invested more than £3.1 billion in dirty coal projects that are destroying the environment and propelling climate change.


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This Monday WDM campaigners came to the office with big smiles on their faces. Over the weekend, we’d heard that French Oil giant Total, subject to one of our latest online actions, had apparently cancelled its plans to mine tar sands in Madagascar.

High fives all around. Or?