Supporting activism

Supporting activism


To be successful in our activism we need to work together and support each other. A large part of the network is to be there for your fellow campaigners and act in solidarity with each other. Groups often campaign on similar themes and so share ideas and advice on what does and doesn’t work. 

Global Justice Now is also here to provide guidance, resources and training if and when groups need it.


Campaigning is multifaceted and made up of lots of different aspects. It’s likely that through general life one simply picks up some of the skills needed. And for those skills that you want to learn or improve Global Justice Now can provide training. As of now there are training sessions on the following areas:  

  • Facilitating meetings
  • Planning stunts or protests
  • Organising public meetings
  • Campaign strategy
  • Using social media for activism
  • How to have persuasive conversations
  • How to run a campaigning group
  • How to lobby decision makers
  • Difficult conversations training

Email to book a training session for a group.

If you would like training on something that isn’t on this list, let us know and we’ll try to help or put you in touch with someone else.