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Flickr credit Edgar SuMillions of people still live in poverty today while a few corporations and elites keep getting richer and more powerful. Poverty and inequality are not accidental, they are political. 

That’s why at Global Justice Now we take political action as part of a global grassroots movement, campaigning and educating to change the power balance and reclaim our democracy. We have seen time and time again that people power really works, so we’re keeping up the pressure. Will you help us?

Join us and become part of the global fight for equality and justice. We know that together we are powerful and we can change the world.

Why you matter

We take on issues that others are afraid to touch and we don’t make compromises. To do this, to remain independent and to have a strong and legitimate campaigning voice, we refuse funding from anyone who wants to water down our campaigns. So the majority of our funds come from passionate people committed to challenging injustice.

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More ways to support us

More ways to support us

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Photo credit: Edgar Su, Flickr