Stop drug companies ripping off our NHS

This year is the NHS’s seventieth birthday and a great opportunity to celebrate the important principle it stands for – healthcare for all. However, we also need to defend it. The NHS is being heavily impacted by government cuts and increasing privatisation. And corporations are increasingly ripping the NHS off by charging eye-watering prices for medicines, meaning people regularly can’t access the treatment they need.

Expensive drug prices are putting pressure on already squeezed NHS budgets. The NHS hands over billions of pounds to big pharmaceutical companies each year. And that amount is going up. The NHS drug bill rose by £4.4 billion in 2017 compared with 2011. That is more than five times the total NHS deficit in 2017 (£791 million).

But what’s more shocking is that the UK taxpayer make significant contributions to the research and development of new medicines. Drug companies then take over that research and charge the NHS extortionate prices for the medicines produced. The taxpayer pays twice, first for the research and then for the high prices charged to the NHS.

Because drug companies are charging such high prices, the NHS increasingly has to reject or ration new medicines. This leaves patients across the UK without access to life-changing or life-saving treatments.

Join our campaign today and take action to stop drug companies ripping of our NHS.