Statement on Equal Opportunities

Statement on Equal Opportunities

Global Justice Now is committed to promoting equality and diversity, providing an inclusive and co-operative environment in which all individuals working for and on behalf of the organisation feel respected and able to give of their best. Through the implementation of this policy Global Justice Now will:

  • ensure that all staff (current and prospective), volunteers, members of the Council, and other elected representatives and members are afforded equal opportunities regardless of race, colour, nationality, ethnic origin, religious or political belief or affiliation, trade union membership, age, health, sex, gender, gender reassignment, marital status, parental status, caring responsibilities, sexual orientation, disability, socio-economic background, educational background, ex-offender status, or any other inappropriate distinction.
  • promote diversity and equality for persons working for and on behalf of Global Justice Now and value input from individuals and groups of people from diverse cultural, ethnic, socio-economic and other distinctive backgrounds.
  • promote fair and equal treatment for employees in fulfilling their potential, ensuring that no individuals or groups of people are afforded unfair privilege within the working environment.
  • treat all members of staff fairly and equally, irrespective of their length of service, status and number of hours worked.
  • challenge discriminatory practice and less favourable treatment, wherever this is identified.
  • undertake positive action, wherever possible, to encourage greater participation of under-represented groups of people across the organisation.
  • promote an environment free from discrimination, victimisation or bullying in any way or form in relation to all employees and visitors to the organisation.
  • regard breaches of Global Justice Now’s Equality and Diversity Policy as misconduct which may lead to disciplinary action.
  • keep under review all employment practices and procedures to ensure fairness.
  • keep under review all practices and procedures as set out by the Standards Committee and as defined within the Council Charter, to ensure fairness and equality.


Responsibility for Implementation of the Policy

Global Justice Now’s Governing Council has ultimate responsibility for the development and implementation of the organisation’s Equality and Diversity Policy.  In terms of paid staff and volunteers this is achieved through the Director.

All employees (whether in a paid or voluntary capacity) have a duty, both morally and legally not to discriminate against individuals.  Employees of Global Justice Now have a personal responsibility for the practical application of the organisation’s Equality and Diversity Policy which extends to the treatment of members of the public and employees.