Send an anti-CETA Valentine's card to your MEPs

On Valentine's day, Labour MEPs (members of the European parliament)  are meeting to decide how they will vote the following day on the implementation of CETA*. This vote will determine whether the toxic trade deal between the EU and Canada will go through.

We need to increase the pressure on undecided or undeclared Labour MEPs who might be crucial in stopping CETA.

Please tweet Labour MEPs using the links below. 

Stop CETA Valentine's card

Share the love and help #StopCETA 

Here are some suggested tweets, which include the Valentine's card above. You can edit the text before tweeting.

Glenis Willmott MEP, please protect workers' rights on #ValentinesDay. Say no to #CETA. ()

Richard Corbett MEP, don't break our hearts: please vote to #StopCETA on 15 February. ()

Mary Honeyball MEP, time is running out. Please help us #StopCETA on 15 February.  ()

Seb Dance MEP, please take a stand against the toxic trade deal #CETA. Vote no on 15 February. ()

Theresa Griffin MEP, don't break out hearts, please protect the NHS and say no to #CETA. ()

Afzal Khan MEP, don't let #CETA go through. Please vote no on 15 February. #StopCETA. ()

Clare Moody MEP, roses are red, violets are blue. Please don't let #CETA go through. #StopCETA  ()

Claude Moraes MEP, on 15 February, please take a stand against #CETA. Vote no to protect democracy. ()

Linda McAvan MEP, roses are red and #CETA is bad. Please vote no on 15 Feb to #StopCETA. ()

Siôn Simon, Love Canada, hate #CETA. Please vote against this toxic trade deal on 15 Feb. ()


In Scotland? Send a tweet to your Scottish MEPs


>>> Learn more about CETA: read our policy briefing

* CETA stands for Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement