Ghana’s seeds under attack from G7 initiative

15 May 2015

As I travelled around Ghana this last couple of weeks, I met many farmers and communities who echoed sentiments around seeds and the paramount role that seeds play for farmers and their communities.  But this is all under threat by a proposed bill – dubbed the ‘Monsanto Law'.

Ghana’s Monsanto seed law faces set back

27 November 2014

When Ghana’s government embarked on passing a set of new seed policies into law last year, they were probably hoping to do so quietly. After all, they knew that if the Plant Breeders’ Bill came to the attention of the country’s farmers there would be mass opposition. The bill proposes a new intellectual property rights system for seeds that would allow powerful companies to patent seed varieties they lay claim to.

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The battle for who controls food and how agroecology tackles climate change.

The fight for seed sovereignty in Ghana

06 November 2014

This week, WDM called on the UK Government to stop the backing the corporate takeover of seeds in Africa and beyond, and to protect the seed sovereignty for farmers instead. In just a few days, we’ve got cross-party support from MPs who have signed a ‘Seed Sovereignty’ early day motion in Parliament.


Join us for Global Justice Now's national gathering, with speakers including Gyekye Tanoh of Third World Network Africa in Ghana and Pia Eberhardt of Corporate Europe Obervatory in Brussels.

A group of organisations have expressed concern today that the British government could be violating the right to education with its support for the growth of private schools across Africa and south Asia. International and British organisations as well as teachers’ unions have joined campaigners from countries including Kenya, Uganda and Ghana* to condemn the increased use of British aid money to support for-profit primary schools, in particular so-called ‘low-fee’ private schools, which are fuelling inequality, creating segregation and undermining the right to education.

June 2015

The small-scale farmers' right to store and share seeds, in countries like Ghana, is under threat by the New Alliance for Food Security and Nutrition - an aid programme supported by the UK.

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Why my grandfather would hate the Monsanto law

26 November 2014

My grandfather (Paa-Kwasi) God rest his soul maybe spinning in his grave right now as I write! As a small-scale farmer, I believe he would not be pleased with the controversial 'Plant Breeders Bill', which those in power in Ghana are hoping pass as law. Significantly, this Bill which will commercialise farming in Ghana, will not protect small-scale farmers (like my grandfather's) rights. Instead, it will benefit private multinational companies such as Monsanto, Coca Cola, Unilever and Diageo.  

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Global Justice Now Macclesfield invites you to a film night and talk at 7pm on Tuesday 23 June.

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What is the role for Pan Africanism in issues of social and global justice today in the UK?  How do Africans in the diaspora connect and contribute to the resistance of imperialism and coloniality in Africa? What are the lessons to be learnt from relations between Africa and her diaspora in the past? What are the intersectional alliances that can be made to broaden and deepen the learning? Join us in discussion, the sharing of stories and planning for action.

Food sovereignty: it just makes sense

16 October 2015

Today on world food day, I’m thinking about Madam Rebecca and Madam Stella who I met in Ghana earlier this year. Two inspirational women from the expanding food sovereignty network, the Rural Women Farmers Association of Ghana. Both women spent time with me explaining how they are empowering other women in their community to grow food sustainably, start micro-enterprises to supplement their income and tackle the discrimination against women on land issues.

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The past decades have seen big business seize huge power and influence. But ordinary people are fighting back. Join us for the launch of a new campaigning group in Belfast.

May 2019

Our Pupils Before Profit campaign with the National Education Union is calling for the UK to stop funding the privatisation of education around the world.

Each year, the UK’s Department for International Development is spending millions promoting the privatisation of education in developing countries.

"Whoever controls seeds, controls the food system"

Africa’s seeds are under threat from corporate control.

Seeds, solidarity and synergy: A visit from Samia Nkrumah

25 February 2015

When we found that Food Sovereignty Ghana had elected to send Samia Nkrumah to represent them at Take Back Our World, I was aware that it was a bit of a scoop. She is a key food sovereignty and anti-GM spokesperson and one of few politicians to speak out about the dangers of corporate controlled seeds in Africa. And she is also the daughter of Kwame Nkrumah, renowned independence leader and Ghana’s first post-colonial president.