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Carbon Capital booklet

March 2013

Fossil fuel companies raise money through a mix of equity and debt. Large companies usually raise equity by selling shares, and the London Stock Exchange is one of the world’s leading share trading venues. The money mostly comes from ordinary people, but we have little say in the decision of fund managers to invest our pensions, insurance revenues and savings in extractive industries.

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Leaflet: Mapping dirty finance

March 2013

Map of destructive coal projects and their links to UK finance

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Mandatory Carbon reporting

March 2013

What is mandatory carbon reporting?
The principle behind mandatory carbon reporting is simple. While companies include information about their profitability and the general progress of their business in their annual reports, not all companies report their CO2 emissions.

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Web of power The UK government and the energy-finance complex fuelling climate change

March 2013

Research by the World Development Movement has revealed that one third of ministers in the UK government are linked to the finance and energy companies driving climate change. This energy-finance complex at the heart of government is allowing fossil fuel companies to push the planet to the brink of climate catastrophe, risking millions of lives, especially in the world’s poorest countries.

COP18: Doha - the last chance saloon?

November 2012

At the end of November 2012, governments will be meeting again, in Doha, Qatar, for the 18th meeting of the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) Conference of the Parties. The World Development Movement will be tracking the talks and providing expert insight on the negotiation process.

The great nature sale

May 2012

The green economy the UK government and others are pushing at Rio is based on the idea that we are trashing the global commons because we don’t value it properly. Therefore, they say, we need to put a financial value on nature and the services (clean air, water, resources like trees, food, fuel) it gives us. Then we can bring these things into the market and pay the proper price.

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Power to the people?

November 2011

The La Mata and La Ventosa wind park in the state of Oaxaca is the World Bank’s flagship Clean Technology Fund (CTF) project in Mexico. The UK government has provided £385 million in capital to the CTF from its overseas aid budget, 14% of the CTF’s total funding.

COP17: Durban - a tipping point for the international climate talks

September 2011

The UN climate talks in Durban, in late November 2011, could be our last chance to save the current international climate deal. The first period of the Kyoto Protocol ends in 2012, and its continuation is in doubt as rich industrialised countries push to replace it with a system that allows them to pledge the reduction of emissions on a voluntary basis. The talks are also expected to set up a new fund to deliver finance needed by countries affected by climate change.

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A Bank for the Future - Maximising public investment in a low-carbon economy

July 2010

This report, commissioned by WDM and PLATFORM and written by former PriceWaterhouse Coopers consultant James Leaton, shows how we could create 50,000 green jobs by transforming the publicly-owned Royal Bank of Scotland into a powerful Green Investment Bank.

WDM and PLATFORM have been campaigning against RBS's socially and environmentally disastrous investments, particularly their funding of destructive tar sands mining. But by following the recommendations of the report, the bank could become a force for social and environmental good.