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Regulatory cooperation in TTIP: A blueprint for corporate domination?

October 2015

The trade deal between the EU and USA is already weakening vital regulations in the EU while it is still in the process of being negotiated. 

This briefing shows that while the proposed ‘regulatory cooperation’ in TTIP may sound bureaucratic or even benevolent, it actually amounts to a ‘blueprint for corporate domination,’ opening the door for countless controversial practices, from chickens washed in chlorinated water, through to the return of asbestos in certain products.

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The #NoTTIP Times - edition 3

April 2015

It is less than a year since the first #NoTTIP Times was published, and since then we have seen thousands join our campaign. Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) is getting a hammering as more and more people – on both sides of the Atlantic - become aware of what it is and what it means for us. Our message is to keep up and increase this pressure, raise awareness and create a movement that will defeat this attempt by corporate interests to co-opt our democracy in order to maximise their profits at our expense.