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Our Internationalist Network

July 2018

People before profit in the global economy

Sign up your trade union branch, party branch or other association as a local ally of Global Justice Now.

Please note: this leaflet is available in print from the office. You can also use an online form to affiliate your branch with Global Justice Now.

Ninety Nine Issue 10

March 2018

This is the tenth issue of our supporter magazine Ninety-Nine. Features include:

  • Free trade vs democracy: The global crackdown on trade dissent
  • The UK's 'hostile environment' for migrants
  • Taking on the drugs giants in South Africa
  • Tunisians resist the IMF

To get it delivered to your door, you just need to join us.

Annual Review 2016

June 2017

Read our 2016 annual review

Annual review 2015

May 2016

Read our 2015 annual review.

Ninety-Nine Issue 01

January 2015

Ninety-Nine expresses both our desire for a world that works for all of us, but also our ambition for creating a genuinely big movement capable of bringing this world about.

You can find the read and download the first issue of Ninety-Nine below. We hope it will inform, inspire and provoke. You are the 99%. 

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January 2015
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WDM and its local groups

October 2014

WDM’s network of local groups and activists are at the heart of the organisation and our campaign successes would not have been achieved without their efforts

World Development Movement Trust accounts

January 2014

Report and financial statements

Year ended December 2013

World Development Movement Ltd accounts

January 2014

Report and financial statements

Year ended 31 December 2013

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Annual Review 2012

January 2013

Our 2012 annual review

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Annual Review 2011

January 2012

Our 2011 annual review