Letter to government to support Covid-19 vaccines pool

May 2020

Letter signed by Global Justice Now, Just Treatment, Oxfam, STOPAIDS and Nurses United to call on the government to support a global plan for affordable and accessible Covid-19 vaccines around the world. 

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A Covid-19 vaccine should be affordable for all

March 2020

As coronavirus rips through the world, the race is on to find a vaccine for Covid-19. There are already reports of promising candidates as well the start of human trials. And this progress is largely thanks to public investment in biomedical research and development (R&D). But there is a real danger that, without effective safeguards, big pharmaceutical firms could profiteer from price gouging which would prevent widespread access to coronavirus treatments and threaten the world’s ability to stop the spread of this pandemic.

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Alternatives to the current pharmaceutical system: Activist pack to lobby your MP

December 2018

This briefing is for Global Justice Now local groups and activists to help you to lobby your MP on alternatives to the current corporate-dominated pharmaceutical system.

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Taking public control of medicines

November 2018

The pharmaceutical industry makes billions in profits from charging high prices for medicines. Meanwhile, people suffer and die from treatable conditions because they can’t afford extortionate prices. This is a system driven by corporate profit that leaves vital medicines out of reach for millions of people – in the UK and around the world. It’s a system that is economically and socially unsustainable and needs urgent reform.

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Pills and profit: MP briefing

February 2018

This briefing for MPs and parliamentarians documents examples of where publicly funded research and development has led to drugs that the public have found difficult to access. It calls for conditions to be attached to public research to ensure drugs are affordable for all patients. 

Sick of corporate greed leaflet

November 2017

Pharmaceuticals campaign leaflet