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MP briefing on the UN Binding Treaty on Business and Human Rights

October 2020

Briefing Paper of the UK Working Group on the Binding UN Treaty on TNCs, October 2020 

Ahead of the start of the 6th session of UN negotiations on the Binding Treaty on Business and Human Rights on Monday 26 October, this briefing paper calls on MPs to support the process to ensure primacy of rights over corporate profits.

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Under the radar: Private sector debt and coronavirus in developing countries

October 2020

The G20 must step in and compel private creditors to cancel the debts of developing countries to avoid the loss of many more lives.

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Passing the buck on debt relief

July 2020

How the failure of the private sector to cancel debts is fueling a crisis across the developing world. Produced in partnership with Oxfam, Christian Aid, Jubilee Debt Campaign and Citizens for Financial Justice.

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Exiting the permanent crisis in the global south

April 2020

The case for a global financial reset in the wake of Covid-19 

Even in the wealthiest countries on earth, years of austerity combined with ‘market knows best’ ideology has hollowed out our ability to deal with coronavirus. But for many countries in the global south, the weakness of the public sector was not a democratic choice but was imposed by rich countries and international institutions like the IMF...


Think Global February 2020

February 2020

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Think Global October 2019

October 2019

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Briefing Paper of the UK Working Group on the Binding UN Treaty on TNC

May 2019

The UK government must support the UN Binding Treaty on Business and Human Rights process to put primacy of rights over corporate profits 

Think Global May 2019

May 2019

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UN Binding Treaty - Common position paper for UK civil society

October 2018

Ahead of a week of negotiations on the UN Binding Treaty on Transnational Corporations and Human Rights in Geneva in October, the UK civil society working group on the Binding Treaty has produced a common position paper for UK government and parliamentary advocacy.

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Ending corporate impunity

July 2018

The struggle to bring about a binding UN treaty on transnational corporations and human rights

The Third Session of the Open-ended Intergovernmental Working Group on Transnational Corporations and Other Business Enterprises with respect to human rights in October 2017. Global Justice Now will continue efforts in order to build a UN Binding Treaty on Human Rights and Transnational Corporations and their supply chains.

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Big Business Britain - How corporate lobbyists dominate secret meetings with Brexit negotiators in London and Brussels

August 2017

Brexit negotiators in London and Brussels are far more exposed to business interests than the concerns of civil society. Official statistics, analysed by Corporate Europe Observatory and Global Justice Now, reveal that Brexit ministers in the UK had six corporate lobby meetings for every one with civil society groups. For the EU’s Brexit taskforce, headed by the Chief Negotiator Michel Barnier, the figure is three corporate lobby meetings for every one civil society group meeting. Big Finance and agriculture interests dominated the lobby meetings held in both London and Brussels.

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We once were migrants too: supporting migrants' rights in Scotland

July 2017

Briefing on ways we can show solidarity with migrants living in Scotland after the EU referendum

Decimating Rights: The Consequences of the Great Repeal Bill

June 2017

A new briefing warns that the Great Repeal Bill that will be outlined in the Queen’s Speech could strip away all manner of vital legal protections from areas including human rights, workers’ rights, financial regulation, the environment and consumer protections.

The Dangers of Trump

May 2017

No US president has aroused the same level of global public outrage before even occupying the White House as Donald Trump.

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Think Global Extra February 2017

February 2017


Welcome to the February issue of Think Global Extra, the bimonthly supplement to Think Global. Read it in conjunction with the last full Think Global from January.

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Animals, drugs and superbugs

December 2016

Drug resistant bacteria are spreading across the world, threatening to turn previously treatable diseases into deadly killers. A big part of the problem is that the production and much of the use of antibiotics is in the hands of large corporations that seek profit over the wellbeing of people.but they will also be the first and hardest hit as cheaper forms of antibiotics become ineffective

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Inviting Scandal - DfID’s dangerous plans to expand its controversial private equity arm

December 2016

Our new briefing reviews recent CDC investments and shows how serious questions remain about its impact on poverty reduction. It shows that there is still little evidence to support its current development impact claims which are largely based on assumptions – rather than proof. It argues that dramatically increasing its size and influence is a premature and potentially dangerous move.

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Dreaming of Empire? UK foreign policy post-Brexit

November 2016

A new briefing outlines a gradually emerging picture of what kind of policies the current government is likely to pursue in a post-Brexit world, gleaned from a series of speeches, interviews and meetings of senior political and military figures.

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Brexit Red Lines

September 2016

The decision to leave the European Union is the biggest political choice the UK has made in a generation. It has had serious knock-on effects for the UK’s political landscape, and has the potential to fundamentally change the future shape of the country’s politics. Unfortunately, some are looking to use the new situation to further roll back human rights, even threatening some of the key victories achieved by social justice campaigners in the twentieth century. Even the European Convention on Human Rights, which the UK has been part of since 1953, has been called into question.