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Pharma Trade Secrets: The truth about a trade deal with Trump

November 2019

The prices that our NHS will pay as a result of a US trade deal is under threat. Our chronically underfunded NHS is already struggling to afford spiraling medicine prices. Pharmaceutical companies are charging such high prices that the NHS is increasingly having to reject or ration new, effective medicines because they are unaffordable. And yet, the US pharmaceutical industry is lobbying hard to ensure a US-UK trade deal strengthens the rules that keep prices high as well as to attack the regulations that control prices.

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In Whose Interest? The UK’s role in privatising education around the world

April 2019

This report, published by Global Justice Now and the National Education Union, examines the problems with privatisation of school education around the world and the role of the Department for International Development in pushing it through its aid programme.

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The people’s prescription: Re-imagining health innovation to deliver public value

October 2018

Driven by profit rather than public health, the pharmaceutical sector is incentivised to set high prices and deliver short-term returns to shareholders, rather than focus on riskier, longer-term research which leads to critically needed therapeutic advances. The high prices of medicines are causing severe patient access problems worldwide, with damaging consequences for human health and wellbeing. These are symptoms of an innovation model that is broken. This report maps the fault lines of this system and sets out principles for a new one.

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The Conflict, Stability and Security Fund: Diverting aid and undermining human rights

December 2017

The UK government’s Conflict, Stability and Security Fund (CSSF) raises all kinds of questions about the future of UK aid, the nature of the UK’s relations with states abusing human rights and the government’s openness with the public.


Update to Global Justice Now report, The privatisation of UK aid: How Adam Smith International is profiting from the aid budget

November 2017

Latest accounts from Adam Smith International show the company’s profit margins continue to grow despite it having been centre of a scandal in which it was accused of exploiting documents leaked from DFID and attempting to falsify evidence to a parliamentary enquiry.

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Pills and Profits: How drug companies make a killing out of public research

October 2017

UK taxpayers and patients worldwide are being denied the medicines they need, despite the public sector playing a pivotal role in the discovery of new medicines. The UK government is the second largest funder country, after the US, for research and development (R&D) in diseases that predominantly affect poor countries. Across all areas of health R&D, the UK government spent £2.3 billion on health R&D in 2015 alone.

Re-imagining UK aid - What a progressive strategy could look like

July 2017

For over a decade a consensus has existed at Westminster on overseas aid, with the mainstream political parties all backing the 0.7% spending target. Achieving this consensus was a considerable achievement. But the focus on how big the aid budget is has prevented a robust debate over how this money should be spent, what it should be spent on, and why.

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Honest Accounts 2017 - How the world profits from Africa's wealth

May 2017

Much more wealth is leaving the world’s most impoverished continent than is entering it, according to new research into total financial flows into and out of Africa.  The study finds that African countries receive $161.6 billion in resources such as loans, remittances and aid each year, but lose $203 billion through factors including tax avoidance, debt payments and resource extraction, creating an annual net financial deficit of over $40 billion.

Ninety Nine Issue 06

October 2016

This is the sixtth issue of our supporter magazine Ninety-Nine. Features include:

  • The international people's tribunal against Monsanto 
  • Trade deals: breakthrough on TTIP and our campaign against CETA 
  • Brexit - what's next?
  • Calling time on corporate crimes: our campaign for a UN binding treaty to stop corporate abuse

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Ninety Nine magazine - Issue 05 - May 2016

June 2016

Another Europe is possible
May issue of Ninety Nine, the magazine for the supporters of Global Justice Now.

This issue features:

  • In or out, the problem with trade deals, by Molly Scott-Cato, MEP
  • What Brexit means for Global Justice Now, by Nick Dearden,
  • Fighting the lies around migration, by Alex Scrivener
  • Liberating Tate - a photo essay

You can receive Ninety Nine magazine by becoming a supporter of Global Justice Now.

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The Privatisation of UK aid

March 2016

After decades of work by campaigners and activists, in 2015 the UK enshrined in law a commitment to spend 0.7% of its national income on international aid to tackle poverty around the world. But behind the scenes, this has been a lucrative time for aid-funded business.

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Gated Development - is the Gates Foundation always a force for good?

January 2016

Every January, Bill Gates sets out his vision for a better world and the role the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation can play in achieving this in an annual letter to us all. With assets of $43.5 billion, the foundation is the largest charitable foundation in the world. It is arguably the most influential actor on issues of global health and agriculture, and distributes more aid for global health than any government.

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Regulatory cooperation in TTIP: A blueprint for corporate domination?

October 2015

The trade deal between the EU and USA is already weakening vital regulations in the EU while it is still in the process of being negotiated. 

This briefing shows that while the proposed ‘regulatory cooperation’ in TTIP may sound bureaucratic or even benevolent, it actually amounts to a ‘blueprint for corporate domination,’ opening the door for countless controversial practices, from chickens washed in chlorinated water, through to the return of asbestos in certain products.

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The UK’s support of the growth of private education through its development aid

October 2015

Private actors are playing an increasing role in education in a number of countries worldwide andin particular in developing countries. The growth of private schools, including the emergence and rapid expansion of so-called “low-fee” private schools that target relatively poor populations, has led to a de facto privatisation of education systems in these countries over the past 15 years. More recently, some school models, in particular for-profit low fee private schools are being actively supported by States.

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Irresponsible Investment - Agrica's broken development model in Tanzania

June 2015

Kilombero Plantations Ltd (KPL) is a 5,818 hectare rice plantation located in the heart of the fertile Kilombero Valley, Tanzania.

In addition to developing a large-scale rice farm, KPL works with local smallholder farmers through an outgrower model based on System of Rice Intensification (SRI) technologies. The investment project receives considerable financial and technical support from various development institutions including the UK Department for International Development (DfID) and USAID.

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Putting people first - Annual Review 2014

June 2015

Across the world billions of people do not have the resources they need to live decent lives, such as food and water, energy and housing. This is poverty, and it cannot be separated from inequality, the erosion of democracy, discrimination and oppression and the injustice that runs through our own society in Britain.

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Ninety-Nine Issue 02

May 2015

This is the second issue of our supporter magazine Ninety-Nine. Features include:

  • Fight trade fightback! An unprecedented corporate power grab is sparking resistance around the world.
  • Nigerian farmers lose land in aid-backed project
  • Greece and austerity
  • Oaxaca street art hits London
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Profiting from poverty, again

April 2015

The introduction of universal education, the increasing length of compulsory education, the creation of comprehensive schools, the foundation of the NHS – these are some of the greatest social achievements we have ever made in this country, and we remain rightly proud of them. The aid budget could be used to help others to achieve these vital components of a decent society where every life counts.

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The #NoTTIP Times - edition 3

April 2015

It is less than a year since the first #NoTTIP Times was published, and since then we have seen thousands join our campaign. Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) is getting a hammering as more and more people – on both sides of the Atlantic - become aware of what it is and what it means for us. Our message is to keep up and increase this pressure, raise awareness and create a movement that will defeat this attempt by corporate interests to co-opt our democracy in order to maximise their profits at our expense.