Trade campaign update for Scottish activists

March 2017

Could there be trade deals any worse than the toxic ones like TTIP and CETA, recently negotiated between the EU and other countries? Unfortunately, we think there could be, and what’s more, it is likely to be the UK government, post-Brexit who will be negotiating them. Already, there is talk of a US-UK trade deal. And this month, trade secretary Liam Fox has been meeting Commonwealth nations to talk about other trade deals – a meeting dubbed ‘Empire 2.0’ by Whitehall officials.

With TTIP sidelined, and CETA ratified by the European parliament but waiting for approval from the 28 members states of the EU, our trade campaign update this month considers UK trade deals post-Brexit. How can we stop Theresa May negotiating TTIP-style trade deals after we leave the EU? Can’t we make the negotiating process more democratic, and demand an ethical framework for trade deals that puts citizens and the environment before profit? Read on to learn more about our plans and how you can get involved.

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