Farmers under fire

February 2017

The global fight for small farmers’ rights

Small farmers feed the majority of the world’s population, yet they are experiencing escalating levels of violence and oppression.
Their existence, livelihoods, and communities are threatened by the expansion of global agribusiness, which is grabbing their lands and destroying the environment they rely on for food production.

Across the world, small farmers are losing their land as corporations and international elites scramble to take control of resources. They are often pushed into buying dangerous chemicals, fossil fuel-based fertilisers and privatised seeds, creating debt and dependency on global agribusiness companies. And they are being murdered as state security services, paramilitaries and hired  hugs are persecuting and killing activist leaders, often with impunity. Over the  last 15 years at least 1,024 activists have been murdered protecting their communities across the world. Only 10 of these have led to convictions.

Small farmers are fighting for a way of life where food is a right as well as a source of nutrition and culture and where decisions about production and consumption are in the hands of people and  communities. This is in direct conflict with the business models of multinational corporations. These agribusiness companies are aggressively taking control of land, labour and resources to grow crops on an industrial scale for the biggest return to shareholders.

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