E-pocalypse Now: How the e-commerce trade agenda promotes corporate power and threatens the global south

May 2018

Imagine a world in which a multinational company knew every intimate detail of your life. Details like your health fears, your love life, your innermost beliefs and who you’re thinking of voting for.

Imagine that this company made billions of pounds in revenue selling this information to other companies and that foreign intelligence services used it to influence the outcome of elections.

The terrifying reality, of course, is that we are living in this world already – and moving further in this direction. Tech companies like to project a modern, progressive image to the world. But under the surface, companies like Google, Facebook, Amazon and Uber are pursuing an agenda that could hand them dangerous levels of control over our lives and profoundly harm economic development in the global south.

There is a battle going on for the future of the internet – and by extension the vast majority of the future global economy. It’s time to pick the side of democracy.

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