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How trade deals are fuelling climate breakdown

December 2020

We are living through a climate emergency. If we don’t get a grip on this crisis, our future on this planet is in jeopardy. Trade rules are a key part of this. If we are to have any hope of tackling the climate crisis, we need to confront the corporate interests embedded in trade deals.

This short leaflet explains three key problems with trade deals, what a climate-friendly trade deal would look like and what we can do.

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Stop the US trade deal A5 leaflet

September 2020

This two-sided A5 leaflet makes the basic case against the US trade deal without assuming too much prior knowledge, focusing on the threat to public services, the attack on our standards and the way the deal could block climate action.

We have plenty of pre-printed copies of this, so email to order them in multiples of 50.

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Stop the US trade deal window poster

June 2020

Display your opposition to the US trade deal with this A4 poster, for use in windows at home or elsewhere.

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Register to vote 2019 poster set

November 2019

With issues on the line from trade deals to the NHS to the climate crisis, it's vital that people get out and vote. But many people either forget to register, or don't know that they can. This set of three printable posters offers important information on who can register and how, including migrants without British citizenship and people with no fixed address. Let's get everyone to the polls!

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Resisting climate crisis stickers

July 2019

Order our climate crisis stickers to share at protests and meetings. To see other designs and order your stickers, email

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Stop corporate courts hammering democracy

February 2019

Trade and investment deals are giving big business unique powers to challenge democracy – including powerful rights to sue governments for making decisions that harm their profits.

Pharma - NHS birthday A5 leaflet

May 2018

As the NHS turns 70, it is locked in a crisis of underfunding. The reasons are many, from government funding cuts to the massive debts racked up as a result of Private Finance Initiatives. But one factor that gets less notice is the rip-off prices the pharmaceutical industry charges for a huge range of drugs.

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Leaflet: Change the system, not the climate

March 2018

The effects of global warming are already wreaking havoc in many parts of the world. From hurricanes to drought, catastrophic events linked to climate change are hitting people in the global south hardest.

Yet this global inequality and the failure to tackle climate change have the same cause: an economy that puts corporate profit ahead of the interests of ordinary people.

Our response to Liam Fox's article

February 2018

Last week Liam Fox attacked our trade democracy campaign in an extraordinary article in the Independent. It showed he hasn't done his homework on the growing campaign against his trade power grab. Here's where he went wrong.

Imagine if the NHS couldn’t afford to save your life

November 2017

All over the world, drug companies are charging extortionate prices for medicine, preventing people accessing treatment.
It’s time to put people before profit in the global drug industry.

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Bin the Daily Mail poster

September 2017

Hate-filled media stories are creating a violent culture of hostility towards migrants and refugees.

Help us take a stand against the divisive media narrative in the Daily Mail. Print out our 'Bin the Daily Mail' A3 poster below and put it in your window, so that together we can spread the word about the Daily Mail’s hate speech and how it affects our communities.

New and updated M&S and Daily Mail materials

May 2017

As part of our campaign against hateful media coverage of migrants and to get M&S to stop advertising in the Daily Mail, we've created some new materials and updated others in the light of feedback from supporters from and activists. Below you can download a new banner against M&S, a new 'Bin the Daily Mail' poster, and updated versions of our M&S leaflet and poster. 

Order materials through our campaign pack order form, or send a bespoke request to 


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Stop secret trade deals flyer for groups

November 2015

A flyer for local Stop TTIP or local Global Justice Now groups to inform people about transatlantic trade deals, what action they can take, and encourage them to join a local group.

TTIP Free Zone poster

June 2015

Declare your town a TTIP Free Zone with this poster

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Leaflet: Mapping dirty finance

March 2013

Map of destructive coal projects and their links to UK finance