COP17: Durban - a tipping point for the international climate talks

September 2011

The UN climate talks in Durban, in late November 2011, could be our last chance to save the current international climate deal. The first period of the Kyoto Protocol ends in 2012, and its continuation is in doubt as rich industrialised countries push to replace it with a system that allows them to pledge the reduction of emissions on a voluntary basis. The talks are also expected to set up a new fund to deliver finance needed by countries affected by climate change. Huge divisions remain between rich and poorer countries over the design of the fund, on issues such as whether it should be an independent institution and whether the money should be given or leant. The role of the discredited and undemocratic World Bank is also likely to be controversial as it, and rich countries, push to give it a central role in climate finance against the wishes of developing countries.

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