CETA update for Scottish activists - December 2016

December 2016

The final vote on CETA at the European parliament is likely to take place on the 1 or 2 of February, so we have only six weeks to persuade our Scottish MEPs to vote against the deal. So far, none of our six Scottish MEPs have pledged to vote against CETA. Let’s take inspiration from Students Against TTIP in London (see photo), whose Christmas choir is ruining Christmas cheer by spreading the nasty truth about CETA: and lobby your MEPs on their Christmas break!

In this edition you’ll find the latest news in the run up to the final vote at the European parliament, with some committees recommending that CETA should be stopped. There is also the latest on TISA, and an e-action to your MPs in support of a petition to remove the corporate courts (ISDS) from all bilateral treaties between the UK and other countries.

Please also note that unfortunately, the meeting with MEPs on 7 January has been cancelled as all six MEPs have declined our invitation to attend – bah humbug!

Have a lovely festive break!

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