Think Global, June 2024

Think Global, June 2024

Date: 22 May 2024

Campaign and organisational news for local groups and activists.


Inserts included with this issue:

General election addendum

No sooner had the postie collected our postbags full of Think Global mailings than Rishi Sunak called a general election! Inevitably this means a few things are out of date, especially in relation to our most active current campaign on the Fossil Fuel Treaty. Here are some updates in light of the election:

  • Early Day Motion 743 will not be much use once parliament is dissolved as technically there will be no MPs to sign it, and EDMs do not carry over to new parliaments. We’ll let you know if we manage to get a new EDM laid down in the new parliament.
  • There won’t be any MPs to lobby per se, but of course you can find ways to raise the Fossil Fuel Treaty with candidates so that we can hit the ground running when a new government is formed in July. There may be local hustings you can go to, our your group may want to contact candidates about this and other issues so that they know this is an issue which prospective constituents care about.
  • Summer stalls continue to be useful campaign activities. You could even combine a campaign stall with candidate lobbying, making the stall a bit of an event and ask candidates to come down and have their photo taken with you to endorse the treaty. The A3 placards we’ve produced could work well for this.
  • Lobbying of members of the Scottish Parliament and the Welsh Sennedd can obviously continue as planned during the election, and equally work on local council motions in support of the Fossil Fuel Treaty, although many councillors will be busier than normal supporting general election candidates.

We are likely to be producing a printable reminder of ‘key global justice issues’ to ask candidates and canvassers during the election campaign, which will be sent out via our main email list, so look out for that.

Download: Think Global, June 2024 (pdf)