Ten alternatives to a corporate trade agenda

Ten alternatives to a corporate trade agenda

Type: Campaign briefings
Date: 14 June 2017
Campaigns: Trade

What a democratic UK trade policy after Brexit would look like

Trade alternatives paper

Trade has a profound effect on almost all aspects of daily life. Yet at the moment trade rules are undermining the things we value – decent jobs, the planet, ending poverty, building a more equal society. Instead they act as a tool for powerful corporate interests.

As the UK looks to start making its own trade policy when it leaves the EU, there is a blank slate. If we do not seek to fill it with trade policy from the perspective of justice and rights, it will be filled by others. Those of us who believe in a more just and equal world for everyone need to start building an alternative vision of trade. One that is both open, international, collaborative and local and democratic.

We want to start a discussion about how we could change UK trade deals so that trade rules can complement and support the rest of society, here and around the world, and provide the space to enable people to build economic alternatives.

Read the discussion paper, Ten alternatives to a corporate trade agenda (PDF, 8 pages)

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