“The Road Through Paris” climate justice newspaper

“The Road Through Paris” climate justice newspaper

Type: Leaflets
Date: 19 November 2015
Campaigns: Climate

We all want action on climate change, but what does that action mean? Will it be effective, will it be fair, and are the Paris climate talks going to deliver that action?

The Road Through Paris is a free newspaper that is being distributed in the run up to COP 21 in Paris. It critically examines some of the fundamental issues that have underpinned the failure of the UN talks to deliver real emissions cuts, while encompassing some of the bigger, systemic issues connected to the climate crisis.  It’s a newspaper that crucially looks beyond the climate talks, putting a spotlight on what climate action in the UK might look like in 2016, and highlighting many of the frontline struggles of communities around the world pushing back against the fossil fuel industry.

The newspaper includes contributions from Naomi Klein, Caroline Lucas MP, Focus on the Global South, Corporate Europe Observatory, the Centre for Alternative Technology, PCS Trade Union and Fuel Poverty Action.

The Road Through Paris was produced by Global Justice Now and co-published with Corporate Europe Observatory, 350.org and Focus on the Global South.

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