How to organise a placard-making session

How to organise a placard-making session

Type: How to guides
Date: 2 November 2022
Campaigns: General

Placards are a great way to get your group’s message across at a demonstration, protest or a photo op. But they can also be more than a straightforward slogan. Creative, funny or inspiring placards can play a role in creating a dynamic and engaging protest which people want to be part of, and the media want to cover.

A host of diverse and individual placards can help make a demo vibrant and pluralistic, but sometimes it’s important to balance this with a coherent message overall, which is something a good placard-making session can help with.

It can be a great way to bring people together before a protest, as a more relaxed opportunity for new members to join and for everyone to think collectively about your key messages. Engaging people before the protest can also help ensure they turn up for the protest itself!

Download: How to organise a placard-making session