How to: Lobby your local council to endorse the fossil fuel treaty

How to: Lobby your local council to endorse the fossil fuel treaty

Type: How to guides
Date: 8 June 2023
Campaigns: Climate

The Fossil Fuel Non-Proliferation Treaty is a bold idea from civil society organisations, parliamentarians and individuals around the world who recognise the urgent need for a fast, fair and managed global phase out of oil, gas and coal. Pacific islands states including Vanuatu, Tuvalu, Fiji and Tonga are leading the call for this treaty, and the European Parliament and World Health Organisation have also endorsed it.

More than 80 councils and cities across the world have now backed the Fossil Fuel Non-Proliferation Treaty including councils in Edinburgh, London and Brighton.

If your local council has not signed up, then why not speak to you local councillors and persuade them to put forward a motion to endorse the treaty? This is a great way of creating awareness of this bold and important idea. It is also a step towards our goal to make Scotland the second subnational state to publicly endorse the treaty.

This local council campaign pack includes a ‘how to’ guide, a template letter to local councillors, a draft motion, and a press release (for when you are successful in getting your local council to pass the motion!). Scroll to the bottom of this page to access those resources.

Other resources available from this website include:

The global campaign website is also a useful place to look for further information:

Download: How to encourage your local council to endorse the fossil fuel treaty

Download: Template letter to local councillors

Download: Draft council motion

Download: Local press release template