Drop Debt, Save Lives Supporter Toolkit

Drop Debt, Save Lives Supporter Toolkit

Covid-19 and the debt crisis in developing countries

As the world continues to battle coronavirus, the pandemic is wreaking havoc on the economies of lower-income countries and could push 500 million more people into poverty. Governments desperately need money to

fund emergency plans but are faced with the impossible choice of saving lives or making debt repayments.

But we can change this. Campaigning together this year we have already helped win up to $12 billion in debt suspension for some of the world’s least well-off countries.

When world leaders come together to discuss their response to the crisis later this year, we have to make sure they get the message loud and clear: #CancelTheDebt.

This toolkit produced by Jubilee Debt Campaign, Global Justice Now, Christian Aid and Oxfam will help you with background information and ways to take action and get involved with the global campaign.

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