The Dangers of Trump

The Dangers of Trump

Type: Campaign briefings
Date: 11 May 2017
Campaigns: Trade

The Dangers of Trump briefingNo US president has aroused the same level of global public outrage before even occupying the White House as Donald Trump.

From his divisive and xenophobic campaign rhetoric, especially against women and minorities, to a raft of poorly constructed executive orders in office, the Trump administration represents a new and dangerous era.

Trump’s policies are not only a threat within the US, they have serious ramifications internationally. His policy to put ’America first’, initial measures like the Muslim Ban, threats of trade wars, rollback of climate regulations and dangerous climate politics, his aggression towards China – all could spell disaster for people around the world.

At a time when Brexit is pushing the UK government into seeking an even closer relationship with the US, the fight to Stop Trump has become a crucial part of the global justice agenda in the UK.

Read the briefing, The Dangers of Trump (PDF, 8 pages)


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