Angela Heasman

Finance manager
Angela Heasman

Angela is finance manager at Global Justice Now, having joined in November 2010. She started work in the voluntary sector many years ago helping to run a small London housing co-operative. She has worked in a variety of financial management and accountancy roles, mainly for a large social housing and care provider. She has also worked for a small housing charity for Irish people in London, and prior to joining Global Justice Now, for Richmond Fellowship, a large mental health charity.

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Blake Turner

Outreach and activism intern
Blake Turner, Global Justice Now

Blake is the Outreach and Activism Intern at Global Justice Now’s Edinburgh office, helping to organise events in Scotland and working to expand the Scottish Youth Network. Before working at Global Justice Now, he completed a Masters in Public Policy, with a focus on migration, climate justice and international conflict and cooperation.

Daniel Willis

Policy and campaigns manager

Daniel joined Global Justice Now’s policy and campaigns team in 2019 and is mainly working on our aid campaign. He has a background in historical and social policy research. In 2018, Daniel completed a PhD in History and Latin American Studies at UCL, researching violent conflicting and the legacies of colonialism in Peru. Daniel has also spent time campaigning on climate justice issues and writing for several websites on Latin American politics and history.

Dorothy Grace Guerrero

Head of policy
 Dorothy Grace Guerrero, Global Justice Now

Dottie is Head of Policy and Advocacy since January 2017. Her work in social movements and NGOs spans 30 years. She currently works on and writes about corporate accountability, climate change, migration, trade and investment, China and other related economic justice concerns. She is originally from the Philippines and has lived in The Netherlands, Germany, Thailand and South Africa before moving to the UK.

Effie Jordan

Campaigns officer

Effie is a campaigns officer at Global Justice Now, having first come across the organisation (many years ago) when she was in the throes of moving abroad to work on programmes to combat poverty in Africa. Global Justice Now made her realise to her horror that much of the poverty there existed due to UK international policies. Effie then traded a life in the sunshine for life in the inner city and initially volunteered at Global Justice Now before moving into her current role. Effie has a Master's degree in Development.

Eleanor Williams

Fundraising officer

Eleanor joined Global Justice Now in 2015 as the fundraising officer. She previously worked at Survival International, which campaigns for indigenous peoples’ rights. Eleanor has a BSc in Anthropology from University College London. Alongside work she is training as an integrative counsellor and psychotherapist at the Minster Centre. In her spare time, she volunteers at Hibiscus, a charity supporting migrant women in the immigration or criminal justice system. She also likes playing football, camping, cycling, reading and seeing friends.

Graham Whitehouse

ICT manager

Graham is information and communications manager at Global Justice Now. After studying at Goldsmiths in the 1990s he spent a brief period teaching before moving into IT. Graham came to Global Justice Nowas a contractor and liked it so much decided to apply for a job. He has managed several large projects including the migration of Global Justice Now’s database to a SQL based CRM system and the complete rebuild of Global Justice Now’s computer network and phone system.

Guy Taylor

Campaign & Activism manager
Guy Taylor

Guy joined Global Justice Now in November 2014 to focus on the campaign against TTIP. He previously worked for the Joint Council for the Welfare of immigrants and before that for anti-capitalist group Globalise Resistance. He has been tear gassed in nine different countries, has uncovered a police spy and discovered his name on the construction workers' blacklist. He lives with his partner and two young sons in a housing coop in SE London.

Heidi Chow

Senior campaigns and policy manager

Heidi leads Global Justice Now’s pharmceutical campaign to fight for access to medicines in the UK and across the world as well as the organisation's trade campaign. She has co-authored policy reports on the failings of the pharmaceutical innovation system and how it has left communities across the world without access to effective treatments. She has previously led and won the campaign to challenge the UK government's support for the New Alliance - an aid scheme that benefited corporations at the expense of Africa's small farmers.

James O’Nions

Head of activism
James O’Nions

James heads up the activism team, which helps our network of local groups to campaign and organises our main public events. James has a background in anti-globalisation and anti-war activism and has previously worked at the Campaign Against Arms Trade. He was also an editor of Red Pepper magazine for five years.

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Jane Herbstritt

Campaign officer, Scotland
Jane Herbstritt

Jane works with Liz and Blake in Global Justice Now’s office in Edinburgh, giving a Scottish perspective to Global Justice Now campaigns. She works with Global Justice Now's Scottish local groups, organises events and writes the Scottish newsletter and other publications.

Before working for Global Justice Now, Jane worked for Scottish Environment Link as a parliamentary officer, and for the Scottish Civic Forum. She also works at the Edinburgh Peace & Justice Centre.

Jean Blaylock

Campaigns and policy manager

Jean works for Global Justice Now as our campaign and policy manager. She's been ivolved in trade and food campaigning for over 15 years.

Jonathan Stevenson

Head of communications

Liz Murray

Head of campaigns, Scotland

Liz Murray is head of campaigns and policy at Global Justice Now’s Scottish office. She works to strengthen Global Justice Now’s campaigns by adapting them to the Scottish context, lobbying Scottish MPs, and MSPs and working with Global Justice Now’s local groups in Scotland. Before Global Justice Now, Liz worked as a researcher at the Scottish Parliament and as a campaigner on environmental justice for Friends of the Earth Scotland. Liz previously worked as a campaigner on green economics and climate change for Greenpeace in the UK and in Australia and as a volunteer in Zimbabwe.

Malise Rosbech

Fundraising and communications manager

Malise joined Global Justice Now in July 2015. She raises public support and funds for our campaigns, making we have the best chance of winning and changing the world for the better. She also produces the Global Justice Now Podcast. When she's not fighting for global justice, she spends most of her time practising and studying the philosophy of yoga. Malise has a Master's degree in Contemporary Philosophy and Critical Theory and a Post-graduate Certificate in Development Studies. 

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Martyn Barson

Data processing officer

Martyn is data processing officer at Global Justice Now. He started working at Global Justice Now in 2009 as a resources volunteer. Prior to that, Martyn worked at St George’s hospital, Tooting and as a volunteer for the development charity Restless Development in Nepal working with young people. Outside of Global Justice Now Martyn enjoys mountain biking and claims to be Global Justice Now’s mass participation sports expert. 

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Nick Dearden

Nick Dearden, photo by Genevieve Stevenson

Nick is the director of Global Justice Now, and author of Trade Secrets: The truth about the US trade deal and how we can stop it.

Oriana Lauria

Digital communications manager
Oriana Lauria - digital communications manager

Oriana is the digital communications manager at Global Justice Now, looking after the website, social media, emails to supporters and all things digital. She previously worked for Greenpeace International and ActionAid UK, before joining Global Justice Now in 2016. 

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Polly Moreton

Fundraising officer

Polly is the fundraising officer at Global Justice Now. 

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Rosanna Wiseman

Youth Activism coordinator
Rosanna Wiseman, Global Justice Now

Rosanna is part of the activism team at Global Justice Now, focussing on organising the Youth Network. Before joining the organisation she volunteered at Latin American Women’s Rights Service as an assistant policy co-ordinator. She has also been part of different collectives in London such as The London Latinxs and the Migrant Connections Festival. Rosanna has also participated in social movements across the world from the student movement in Holland to the protests in Brazil against FIFA.

Sam Lund-Harket

Activism and events officer
Sam Lund-Harket

Sam organises some of Global Justice Now’s key national events and supports our network of local groups. Before joining the activism team, Sam worked in the campaigns team on climate justice and energy democracy. He is also involved in grassroots climate activism, including through Reclaim the Power and has lived and worked at Grow Heathrow, a community garden and sustainable housing project. 

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Steven Thomson

Head of resources
Steve Thomson's oldish portrait picture

Steve Thomson is head of resources at Global Justice Now, responsible for office admin, finance, HR, IT, data processing,  and a few other things which don't fit in anywhere else.  (Fortunately, Angela, Graham, Martyn and Polly do most of the work.)

In a former life, he was responsible for finance at Greenpeace UK, and amassed a large collection of vintage Penguins.

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Zinzi Mangera-Lakew

Youth Activism Intern

Zinzi is part of the activism team at Global Justice Now, focusing on organising the Youth Network. She also works at the Lewisham Refugee and Migrant Network as the Young Londoners Project Assistant. Any spare time is spent volunteering as a CSW at Doctors of the World, or cooking and serving up meals at Foodcycle Lewisham.