Trade after Brexit

Trade after Brexit



The UK government cannot formally negotiate trade deals until after Brexit, but government ministers have already been flying around the world to lay the groundwork for future negotiations with countries like Saudi Arabia, Israel, the Philippines and the US.

These talks are being held in secret and parliament has no powers to scrutinise and approve any future trade deals. That’s why we are fighting to ensure the trade bill ensures parliamentary accountability over future trade deals.

A toxic trade deal with Trump

The UK government will be free to negotiate a trade deal with Donald Trump.

A US-UK trade deal could see chlorinated chicken on our supermarket shelves, US corporations in our NHS and a whole raft of our laws and regulations challenged in international corporate courts.

We can’t let that happen. Sign the petition to oppose a toxic US-UK trade deal now.



Take action in your local area

Order a #TrumpInYourTrolley activist pack and take action at your local supermarket to raise awareness about the dangers of a US-UK trade deal.

Trump in your trolley

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